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Perspectiva uses advanced behavioral science to help you stick with journaling once and for all.

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If you're like us, you might have already tried to start a journaling habit.

It's trendy. It has a myriad of benefits. Millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists: they all find a way to record their insights and good ideas.

You are ready! You're doing this! So you go and search for a nice app to help you.

You find a bunch of beautiful apps that offer a ton of font options, customizable backgrounds, and the possibility of creating many different journals.

You create an account.


… that's it. You write once or not at all, and you forget about journaling.

Yet again.

You waste an excellent opportunity for change and growth.

Why Perspectiva is different.

Let's be honest. We have a fairly simple text editor.

Nothing fancy. You just write.

But instead of abandoning you in a sea of distractions and motivation loss, we guide you through setting a strong foundation for your journaling habit.

And then, we help you stick with it even when you don't feel like it (you won't).

Even when life gets busy (it will).

Even when you feel blocked (you will).

How does Perspectiva help you be consistent?

  • First, you'll receive DAILY emails where you'll learn about habits and human behavior, that will also work as powerful triggers for your practice.
  • Second, Perspectiva incorporates that knowledge into the app's features, so you can save willpower and succeed long-term.

We strongly believe in the power of journaling.

A study pulished in New Zealand from 2013 found out that people who journal might even heal faster from their physical wounds (Broadbent, 2013, Psychosomatic Medicine).

And that's just one of the many benefits of this fantastic practice.

In Perspectiva, we're committed to helping you stick with it for many years, instead of losing momentum after a few days.

Join us and start enjoying the benefits of journaling.

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