Our story is the story of a struggle.

It's funny, because if you wanted to learn about, let's say, strength training, you'd find someone who's ripped and trains every day, right?

Instead, you want to journal, and you have us.

Before building Perspectiva, we struggled with journaling for years.

We tried methods, apps, and books. We tried to be each other's accountability partners.

But, eventually, we kept failing. It was disheartening.

Until we faced reality: we're not people with a lot of willpower. We're not super-disciplined.

But one of us knows how to code.

So he decided to hack the hell out of this thing.

Meet Pablo

Pablo is a software developer, climber, and stoicism practitioner. He believes in optimizing stuff, Bitcoin, and good coffee.

One day, he realized he could use technology to help himself with his journaling habit, and Perspectiva was born.

He tinkered with it for a while, but he was busy with other projects.

Then COVID-19 happened.

The awareness of living a historical and once-in-a-lifetime event reignited his passion for journaling, and he decided to start programming Perspectiva.

But, of course, you can't solve everything with code. Especially when you're dealing with human beings with self-sabotaging minds.

He knew that he needed more tools to build something that would help people who struggle to FINALLY get it right. To make this THE time to conquer journaling once and for all.

And suddenly, he realized.

The tool was sleeping next to him.

Meet Marina

Marina is Pablo's wife and a psychologist.

Nope, she can't read your mind. Nope, she won't inadvertently psychoanalyze you while you are speaking.

She doesn't know a lot about psychoanalysis, to be honest.

She's an expert in behavioral science, and she makes a living helping people take action toward what matters.

But she also struggled with journaling.

It was the habit that she had more trouble sticking with.

When she first saw Perspectiva, she decided to create an account, just to try. And, also because, well: you have to create an account in your husband's app.

You know: In sickness and in health, signing up on all your apps, till death do us part.

But after using it for a couple of days, she surprised herself actually sticking with journaling.

And she fell in love with the project.

She started advising Pablo on how to make it even more powerful, by merging technology with behavioral science to know exactly how to neutralize the self-sabotaging mind.

She also started writing emails for Perspectiva users, because that's one of the things she loves the most (besides chocolate, reading, and weird self-development projects).

So there you have it. That's the team.

Well, we also have a daughter and two cats. But sometimes they look like they are on the other team. The team that requires our attention while we are trying to work, usually with something poop-related.

Actually, they keep us grounded, and fill our lives with joy, and prevent us from overworking ourselves to death, so… okay, they are in our team, too.

We are committed to helping you succeed with journaling because we know how hard it can be and how rewarding it is.

If you want to start your journaling journey, you can do it right below.