How does Perspectiva work?

Habit formation has been broadly studied; we take everything science knows and turn it into action.

Perspectiva comes to you

Reduce friction to journal, increasing your chances of developing the habit

Perspectiva integrates with the apps you already use so you can write directly from them.

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Connect with your purpose when it matters most

Find your purspose and reconnect with it when it matters

Why your alarms to journal never work

You are committed. This time you’ll stick with journaling. Everybody is doing it and you’re sold on the myriad of benefits everyone claims.

You even set an alarm on your phone.

7pm. You sit, you journal.

“Man, this works!”

Then one day it goes off. You’re super busy.


And then you snooze it again.

Ten days later you realized you haven’t journaled once and you probably hit “Close” on the alarm before you realize you are doing it.

Perspectiva doesn’t work like that. Not at all.

Well, nothing works like that, Perspectiva just doesn’t even try that.

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A gift from the past

Whenever you start journaling, Perspectiva shows you something that you wrote in the past.

Every time I pick up my journal and run into a forgotten memory of a particular day, I'm thankful I took the time to sit down and write something.

Thank you, Pablo from the past. Thank you.

Because of that, resurfacing memories is a prominent focus of Perspectiva. Every day you'll dig up treasures buried years ago and run into an old version of yourself who might be able to teach you something.

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