Smart Nudges

Reminders so cool we created a page just to brag about them

You know how all journaling apps have this annoying pings and dings to try to get you to write?

Yeah, we hate those too.

That's why we flipped these dumb reminders on their head and... TADA. Smart Nudges were born!

Look, reminders are a must on any journaling app. That's true. We don't blame the bazillion other apps out there for trying.

It's just, they are doing it totally, totally wrong.

What's wrong with reminders?

You know what's wrong with them. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, you'd be growing with your journal.

  • Reminders are predictable
    Every night at 9pm
  • Reminders are boring
    "How was your day today?"
  • Reminders are not persuasive
    "How was your day today?"... yeah, you said that last night.
  • Reminders are not persuasive
    Like this list, reminders repeat themselves...
  • Reminders are not persuasive
    over and over until you completely...
  • Reminders are not persuasive
    ignore them and don't even...
  • Reminders are not percuasive
    notice you haven't been reading the first line of the last few items.

Flip all that on its head

Smart Nudges are delivered to your inbox (or sometimes Telegram or Slack, smoke-signals are not supported) only when you need them.

They adjust to the level of motivation your journaling process is at, supporting you when you need it and leaving you alone when you are doing well.

Nudges are unpredictable
Some days in the morning. Some days in the afternoon. Some days not at all.
Nudges are widely varied
With hundreds and hundreds of different types of nudges, you won't grow accustomed of them.
Nudges adjust to what works for you
We all react better to different incentives. Smart Nudges use different emotional appeals, whether it's love, compassion or the other end of the spectrum, fear-of-missing-out, or even shame.

Yes. Smart Nudges might try to shame you into journaling. Hey. Whatever works!
(Some) Nudges are pretty hilarious
Is it ok if we pat ourselves in the back for a bit? But yeah, we all respond really well to humor, so many of our nudges are pretty funny. Not all are ROFL-funny, but, at the very least, dad-joke-funny.

Don't let your lizard-brain get in the way of your goals.

Enable Smart Nudges in your account.

(if you're feeling it, set the Persuasiveness Level to "Aggressive mode", it'll turn Smart Nudges into seductive Casanovas)