Don't just sit write there. Learn!

Journaling is the moment when you get your most fascinating insights and learnings. If you don't put up a system to make sure you'll ingrain those learnings in your life, well, you're mostly wasting your time.

Might as well watch some Netflix or something.

Ever had the feeling that you learn and re-learn the same things over and over?

You get an fascinating insight, you live by it for some time, but then it just gets buried in your journal.

With Perspectiva, every time you uncover an exciting lesson, you can mark it as such.

This triggers a cascading effect that ends up with you integrating these lessons into your daily life.

And isn't that one of the best things your journal can give you? Real, tangible growth.

Highlights are having a massive impact on my journaling.

The mere fact that I can easily create them makes me think more often about ideas I want to remember.

It's a subconscious thing, but I'm noticing it; before, even though I was getting high-impact insights, I wasn't digging as much because I felt that they would get buried in the ocean of daily entries.

Ramon V.
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Your journal is the moment when you get to unlock the upmost important insights. Perspectiva gives you the tools to make sure these important insights don’t fade into oblivion.

Extract insights directly from your writing

Perspectiva gives you the tools

Perspectiva gives you the tools

Extract and collect insights

As you write on your journal, each insight is exctracted from your entry, and carefully placed with all your other nuggets of wisdom.

(spoiler alert: they won't just sit there; ideas are like teenagers full of hormones: they like to mingle, birthing new ideas)

Keep insights top of mind

Being consistently exposed to the collection of all your insights challenges you to expand and extend your thinking about them.

This is how new ideas are born.

Perspectiva gives you the tools

Expand your insights as your ideas evolve

An surprising byproduct of daily exposure to your insights collection is that you run into them with different things in mind.

Every day becomes an opportunity to shed a new perspective and enrich a previous learning.

πŸ‘‡ One more thing πŸ‘‡

Your insights, on Readwise

If you love reading and learning you might already know about Readwise, the tool to transform sparse book highlights into lessons you can absorb.

Perspectiva + your book highlights β†’ 10x your learning.

Read more about the Perspectiva + Readwise integration