Compassionate Bullies

(emphasis on compassionate)

If someone had told me that the kids that bullied me during my childhood were going to have a positive effect in my life... well, I would have probably run home and cried. But, while running away, I would have thought that was idiotic.

But, because of the bullying, my parents enrolled me in martial arts classes to learn to defend myself.

That's what I had in mind when I noticed that whenever someone stops journaling, a bit of tough love from people who care can be ridiculously helpful.

Compassionate bullies are one of the coolest things about Perspectiva.

Whenever Perspectiva detects your journaling is losing strength, you'll start receiving encouragement from people who are riding a wave of motivation to tap on their's and get through the rough patch.

Why limit yourself to relying on your flaky motivation when you can leverage everybody's motivation?!

The best thing about this? When a member helps motivate someone who is struggling they both see their journaling practice grow stronger!

An abandoned journal, a wasted opportunity for growth.
A recovered journal; someone who committed to their practice and got help to re-motivate when they needed it.

Enlist an army that will simply not allow you to fail.

There's no reason to keep your journaling practice fragile, always relying on an unstable motivation, when you can leverage an entire community's motivation