The powerful yet fragile beast

12 times.

That's how many times I've tried to start a journaling habit before.

Twelve. I've counted them.

Out of those twelve times, my record was writing 27 days in a row. Not bad! But I skipped day 28, and then 29.

By day 30, I couldn't even find the notebook I was using.

My mistake, as usual, was relying on my motivation. The first couple of weeks, was pretty strong, but it slowly started to fade.

But, unlike my notebook, not all was lost; at least I got this insight:

Motivation is powerful, but highly unreliable. Up and down, like a drunk pilot.

What a typical journaling adventure looks like


Motivation Level

A strong beginning

For whatever reason, journaling comes into your life.

Perhaps you've read about someone you admire who does it, or you realize you haven't listened to your thoughts in months.

You are motivated. You are committed.

Better Self: here we go!


Look, ma! No hands!

You are doing this! After a couple of days you're getting in the groove; you're connecting with who you want to become with more ease. You're not dreading the blank page anymore.

Every now and then you even run into a really interesting insight about something in your life, your work or your relationships.


Things start to look bleak

And, of course...

Life happeens.

You feel tired one day. Or a little sad and don't feel like it.

You procrastinate. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, or in a few days.


Looking back at the last few days...

All you see is a giant hole in your journal.

Those blank pages, starring back at you, accusing you of your fading committment, highlighting your failure to be consistent with what you set out to do.

When you look back at your journal all you feel is guilt.

A wall of guilt prevents you from getting back to it.


Months later...

You don't even remember where your journal is, what was the last time you sat down to write nor really much about what you've been up to for the past time.

It'll probably be a few months until you see something about journaling again online and, perhaps, consider restarting the journal.

What a pity, you were in such a good path, starting to unlock some insights and lessons.


The story with Perspectiva is different,

a tool for a simple job: not let you quit.

With Perspectiva

Smart Nudges

Perspectiva uses behavioral science to nudge you to be consistent with your journal.

Particularly at the beginning, when your habit is not yet well formed, Smart Nudges work just like reminders but fixing everything that's wrong with them.

👉 Create a strong foundation.

Compassionate Bullies

(emphasis on compassionate)

When your motivation starts to fade (and it will!), we enlist the help of our community to help you out.

A powerful mechanism that works: mix the motivation of people who are riding high on inspiration to tap into some of that power.

Community members can see your profile (not your entries, of course! only you get to see those!) to tailor and send a message that will resonate best with what you are trying to achieve through journaling.

👉 An army of passionate people who will help you stick to your journal.

Workshops to beat your resistance

We regularly hold workshops and masterclasses covering all kinds of topics related to journaling, habit building and ideas on how to live an intentional life and make the most out of your journaling practice.

Workshops include Q&A sections where we go over questions on the best ways to leverage your journaling or anything that comes up.

👉 Gradute your journal from the I-did-this-and-then-that format and learn how to dig deeper.

What would you say to a carpenter nailing with their bare fist?

"You're bleeding, buddy!"

But after that... probably recommend using a better tool.

Same thing with journaling; if it matters to you, deploy the best tool available to help you make sure your practice is safe.