day streak!

Katie is becoming a journaling champion!

See the messages on the back of this card!

❤️ Loving JourNerds' notes

Congratulations Katie!!

Ten days is a really good streak :) If you have passed that number you can with much more.

Good luck with your new career :)


Congrats, Katie! Being consistent at recording your memories, insightful musings, etc. is a beautiful habit, I hope the experience is being rewarding!


Congratulations, Katie! It's not easy to change careers, but keeping track of the journey is a way to ensure that, no matter what happens, you'll get to the other side wiser, stronger and more resilient.

Keep going!

Marina D.

Hello Katie, you are doing great and be reading back in the diary you will learn many things about yourself, good and bad, but you will learn a lot!


Wow! I am sure that his streak will be very relevant to keep your memories alive! I usually use templates to have quick solutions during the hardest days. Keep doing like that!

Juan Carlos N.