day streak!

Katie is becoming a journaling champion!

See the messages on the back of this card!

❤️ Loving JourNerds' notes

I hope you are getting to accomplish your brave goals, Katie! Congratulations for striving for them armed with your journal for an extra serving of accountability and awareness: with a thirty-entry streak under your belt, you are well on your way. I am positive that, looking back afterwards, you will be rightly proud of what you achieved and the way in which you did it!


Congrats!!! I pretty sure your health habits will be aligned with this rocking strike.

Carolina D.

Wow Katie! 30 Days Streak! Congratulations on this amazing new milestone and most luck with your new career. Keep going!

Marina D.

Hi Katie,
It is great to see that journaling is helping you. Remember, breath, take a keyboard, write some thoughts and ... feel better ;-)

Aco X.

Katie! So proud of you for getting to this important milestone! Your first 30 of a long and healthy streak.

You are doing GREAT work.

And following the footsteps of your grandpa.

Let's keep growing with presence, awareness and curiosity.


Pablo F

Congratulations Katie!

Laura M.