day streak!

Katie is becoming a journaling champion!

See the messages on the back of this card!

❤️ Loving JourNerds' notes

Congratulations, Katie! Keep it up, making it real.

Inés U.

With such an impressive streak, I'm sure we can confirm that your progress is very very very (+47 very) good!! Congratulations!!

Juan Carlos N.

Wow Katie! 50 days! That's impressive. Treat yourself to something nice and enjoy the feeling of being someone who follows through her own commitments! Take care!

Marina D.


So beautiful to see you're reaching this milestone! 50 days of writing, of introspection and growth. 50 days of finding a moment to preserve forever.


Pablo F

Great Milestone! It's so inspiring, Keep going!! 💪🏼💪🏼

Almudena L.

Congrats!! I hope you could have treasured all the moments you’ve been through.

Carolina D.