day streak!

Katie is becoming a journaling champion!

Why is 66 days a significant milestone? Oh, funny you should ask! 66-days is what it takes, on average, to consolidate a habit.

See the messages on the back of this card!

❤️ Loving JourNerds' notes

Congrats!! This is amazing. Celebrate it and enjoy the feeling of building a new habit!


Wow, a rather quirky number for an impressive streak, Katie! :) You certainly have the power to cultivate good habits, and with all this journaling you must have acquired a wealth of new knowledge and insights about yourself. Congratulations!


Fantastic streak! Congratulations!! Keep doing like that!! Love!

Juan Carlos N.

Congratulations, Katie! Well done!!! What an amazing accomplishment, 66 streak. Hope you are progressing on setting a new career and health habits. I am working on the same so your achievement is very inspirational. All the best! 🥳🙌🏻

Eva H.