day streak!

Luis is becoming a journaling champion!

Why is 66 days a significant milestone? Oh, funny you should ask! 66-days is what it takes, on average, to consolidate a habit.

See the messages on the back of this card!

❤️ Loving JourNerds' notes

¡Felicidades, Luis! Espero que reflexionar sobre esas cosas por las que podemos dar gracias habrá supuesto un gran beneficio para ti. Espero que este gran hito te anime a seguir prestando atención a lo que es realmente importante en nuestra vida.


Muchísimas felicidades Luis en tu camino hacia construir una versión más enfocada y agradecida de ti mismo :)
¡Eres una inspiración!

Clàudia H.

You are so amazing!! Congratulations for your effort and for showing up every day. You inspire me to keep writing too :)

Carolina W.

66? I didn't get to celebrate that one, but it's a really cool number! Congratulations for working hard on your journaling habit, I hope you have found all you were looking for and more!


Keep it up Luis!! You're doing a great job!!! Congrats on your achievements !!

Angela Maria

Congratulations Luis!!!

You've reached an amazing goal.

For sure you are better parent and partner now.

It's a motivation see your streak :)


Congrats for this amazing streak. I hope you are finding journaling as useful as you want. Keep going!!

Pedro M.