Building the wrong habits

Some apps are great at creating habits.

The wrong habits.

Allow me to explain:

A few months ago, I wanted to start making dinner earlier, so I would go to bed earlier as well.

I live in Spain. Dinner at 10pm is the norm here. We need time to recover from our siestas, after all.

I downloaded a habit tracker, and created a habit:

"Start dinner before 8:30 pm."
(Yep, that's early for me)

The app kindly asked me if I wanted to be reminded.

"Nice," I thought, "I do want to be reminded!"

I did the math in my head.

8:15 pm would be a good time for the alarm. I'll be sitting on my couch, twiddling my thumbs, the alarm goes off, and I'd jump up, ready to change my behavior.

Spoiler alert: that didn't happen.

Instead, at 8:15 pm the next day, I was trying to convince my daughter to finish her bottle before putting her to bed.

She was twisting her surprisingly strong little body while yelling tapato, TAPATO (zapato, Spanish for "shoe"). For some reason, she loves her shoes and doesn't want to apart from them while she sleeps.
It's quite the drama. The toddler version of Romeo and Juliet.

So my phone rang, I swore, Alana started yelling Abu (she calls the phone grandma because we use it to Facetime our moms) and I promptly turned off the reminder.

Next day? Alana was asleep, but I was very focused on something work-related.

Next day? I was showering. My wife turned off the alarm. 

In a few days, the app did successfully built a habit: the habit of turning off the reminder right away without even remembering what it was there for.

Can you see the problem with that?

In Perspectiva, we're fixing that.

We've created the concept of smart nudges

The system learns from your previous behaviors:

When do you usually journal? What do you do when you are reminded? What kind of messages work better for you, particularly?

We combine that data and everything science teaches us about human behavior to make our reminders as effective as possible, so we help you create the habit you're actually interested in:

The majestic habit of journaling.

I really hope you enjoy Smart Nudges. I'm not being sarcastic: once they get to know you, they end up being quite adorable.

And hey, you can always tune how persuasive you want them to be here.

Remember: we serve people who struggle with journaling because we believe they're not the problem: the problem is not finding the right system for you.

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