I didn't expect becoming a parent would come along with this kind of regret

Look, before my daughter was born, I was honestly excited.

Ecstatic, I could say.

And yes, getting to know her, seeing what being a parent was really like, and all that... yeah, it sounded great.

But, truth is (Alana, if you're reading this... stop NOW, I don't want to traumatize you!), one of the things that I was looking forward to the most is that I was FINALLY going to be able to keep up with a consistent journaling practice.

I mean, what could be more motivating that recording those unique feelings and situations?

I had tried and SPECTACULARLY failed so many times that I realized I needed the strongest possible motivator to stick with journaling for a long time.

Because, you know what? I like what journaling gives me. But I'm horrible at sticking to it consistently. I guess I'm just not wired that way.

But, oh man... once my daughter is born... that'd be the final straw. I'll be documenting my child's growth, all the special moments, all the loving milestones, all the...



Labor was tough on me, and my wife had NO empathy for my delicate emotional state, complaining about, who knows, something-something-vagina-something-something.

So, obviously, that first day I wasn't about to take some time to write how I was feeling, I could barely tell my sister on the phone how things were going.

The first week was just a blur.

The journal I bought for this special, glorious ocassion didn't come out of the nightstand's drawer a single night.

Once we passed the first month I think I wrote one night... something about feeling so sleep deprived I couldn't write.

I literally couldn't. If I ever want to read what I wrote I'll have to hire an archeologist to decode it, and there are no freelance archeologists on Fiverr.

Looking back, I realize I picked the ABSOLUTE WORST time to decide to re-start a journaling practice.

It was like starting Super Mario Bros on the last scene, when you're fighting that giant turtle that wants to kill you.

Throughout the years, I've tried (and failed) many times to start and restart to be consistent with it.

I never knew what it was. I am not a lazy or undisciplined person. I mean, I'm no Tony Robbins, but I'm fairly consistent with doing what I propose to do.

And, you know what? when I wrongly decided that my daughter's birth was going to finally give me all the motivation I needed to be consistent I was right and wrong at the same time.

Yes. It did give me all the motivation I needed.

How could it not? I don't want to allow any period of my life to become a blur, but specially not my child's first few weeks!

And at the same time I was dead wrong.

It's NOT a matter of motivation.

You can have ALL the motivation in the world.

And yet, one day be too tired. Or too busy. Or you just won't feel like it.

And that's the mistake.

If your journaling practice depends on motivation, it's bound to fail.
One day of low blood sugar can kill your writing streak.

And then RE-starting your practice becomes a whole ordeal.

No, what you need is not motivation.

What you need is a system.

A system that works. A system that works independently of your motivation and blood-sugar levels.

That system is Perspectiva.

We created Perspectiva for people who struggle with journaling, whose access to the type of journal they use is not the problem. Their problem, our problem, is  consistency.

And here is where it shines. Perspectiva addresses everything we've identified as a roadblock, and everything known about habit formation. We've put all that together in one neat package.

A package we call PRO, but we could have called anything else.
(TheJournalYoullActuallyUse was a bit wordy.)

Look, the free version of Perspectiva, the one you have been using, hits all the basics. Everything you need to keep a journal, the crappy minimalistic text editor, the security, all that.

Those are the basics.

And maybe you've been able to leverage the compounding power of journaling, consistently writing and understanding your journey through life, without having all your days getting mixed up in a blur, and losing the important details of your daily life.

But if you haven't been able to keep up with it consistently, if you have tried many times before, like I did throughout the past few years, you know what happens? Well, you do know.

You've seen it.

Days go by without a second thought. They are forgotten. What happened two weeks ago merges with what happened a month ago.

Growth stalls.  And when growth stalls you don't simply stall, your world shrinks. When I look at my life, the times when I was consistent always matched the periods of highest personal growth, of enjoying life the m

And maybe you have been able to keep up with your practice without the need of unlocking Perspectiva PRO. Then you don't need another system and we are honestly happy to be able to give you the best possible journaling experience.

And it works great for people who already have a well-established journaling practice. We love having people using it every day without the need to unlock the PRO version.

But a fancy and enjoyable-to-use text editor, and a reliable, secure, and encrypted storage for your journal, that's not the reason we created Perspectiva.

Perspectiva PRO works like a marathon.

You get to run with a bunch of people, all working together towards a common goal. Tiredness

A few years ago, I was obsessed with running. I would out for runs every day, or most days. I started by running 5k, which quickly evolved to 7k.

I started trying to run faster, but particularly running longer distances appealed to me. I would start running in one direction and take some cash with me in order to be able to get back to the starting point. I loved seeing how far I could get and if I had to run in in a circle I would always have to stop running before my tank was empty.

I run into (pun!) my best running trick accidentally.

One morning I went out for a run and I happened to stumble upon an organized race. I think it was 10k.

I didn't plan to, but I merged my run with their's.

It was a ridiculously amateur race, but I was no pro either. Still, finding myself surrounded by people like me, who got up early, put on their running shorts in a freezing winter morning, to join thousands of strangers to run in a circle. I don't know, it empowered me more than I realized.

When I finished the race, I had beaten all my personal records. Again, I was a total noob, so you are unlikely to find my epic run in the Guiness World Record.

What matters is that I took that lesson to heart.

When you're serious about something, sourround yourself with people who are as serious as you are.

Perspectiva is a place for people who are seriously committed with their journaling. We mention this ALL over the place. Every part of the registration, the first emails we sent you, everything alludes to this fact.

We want to be sourrounded by people who are honestly committed with journaling, just as WE are.

Because, just as in races (I went on to run 42km races just from using this), there are always moments where your motivation dwindles, when you feel tired, when you think "why the hell am I running? who's chasing me?", there are always moments in everybody's journaling practicee when you'll feel like just quitting and walking away.

That's the moment where others will cheer you to continue regardless of the pain and the discomfort.

Perspectiva PRO detects when your motivation is dwindling, it could be that you're not writing, or that you're writing less and less, or even that you're waiting for the last moment of the day to write an ever-shorter entry for the day.

Anyone can do what's right when they are riding that wave.

What separates the wheat from the chaff is those that can do it when life's super busy, when they are feeling down and when they've had the dullest day ever and can't possibly think of a single thing that stands out.

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