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Before my daughter was born, I was excited.

Ecstatic, I could say.

But not for the reason you might imagine.

Getting to know her, seeing what becoming a parent was really like... yeah, that sounded great.

But the second thing I was looking forward to the most was to FINALLY keep a consistent journaling practice.

What could be more motivating than recording those unique feelings and situations?

I like what journaling gives me. But I'm horrible at sticking to it consistently.

I had tried, and SPECTACULARLY failed so many times that I had lost count.

But, oh man... once my daughter was born... that'd be the final straw. I'd document my child's growth, all the unique moments, all the loving milestones, all the...



Labor was tough on me, and my wife had NO empathy for my delicate emotional state. She kept complaining about something-something-vagina-something-something.

So that first day, I was barely able to link two sentences together.

The first week was a blur. The journal I bought for this special, glorious occasion didn't come out of the nightstand's drawer a single night.

During that first month, I wrote once. It was an entry about being so sleep deprived I couldn't write.

Looking back, I realize I picked the ABSOLUTE WORST time to rebuild a journaling practice.

It was like starting Super Mario Bros on the last scene when you're fighting that giant turtle that wants to kill you.

But, at the same time, I was right about something.

Having a daughter did give me all the motivation I needed.

But it's NOT a matter of motivation.

You can have ALL the motivation in the world.

And yet, one day you'll be too tired. Or too busy. Or you just won't feel like it.

That's the mistake.

If your journaling practice depends on motivation, it's bound to fail.

A single day with low blood sugar can kill your writing streak and put your whole practice at risk.

What you need is not motivation.

What you need is a system.

A system that works independently of whether you feel like writing or "have a lot on your plate."

That system is Perspectiva PRO.

Perspectiva PRO addresses roadblocks using everything we know about habit formation.

We've put it together in a package we call PRO, but we could have called anything else.
(TheJournalYou'llActuallyUse was a bit wordy.)

Radically good stuff included

Everything you need to make your journaling
practice enjoyable and consistent

Journal buddy

Message or email your journal like you do with your friends and multiply your odds of succeeding by making journaling simple.

Flexible organization

Whether it is finding your #weekly-reviews or #life-lessons, keeping your entries flexibly organized can unlock all kinds of insights and connections between them.

Keep secrets secret

Explore delicate topics with the extra peace of mind of being able to lock individual entries with a passcode.

Hello, Darkness, my old friend

For the days when everything seems dark and gloomy. You might as well match your journal to your mood and go easy on your eyes.


Get rid of the visual clutter with our fullscreen mode and focus on what matters most: your thoughts and your growth.

Targeted Work

A special layout helps you constantly keep important entries top of mind.

We love using these to work on our weekly/monthly goals.

Dropbox Sync

Automatically sync your journal to your Dropbox account, saving your entries as encrypted PDF files.

A single plan, three different commitment periods

The same fantastic benefits.


For people who want to do a curious explorations of what seriously committing to journaling feels like.


The best option to work on your journaling habit and finally conquer it.


Gift yourself the life commitment of a life focused on growth.

This one-time payment locks you into journaling forever.

You can do this, today!

Finally, become a person who consistently journals and captures their time.

Seriously commit to journaling

What is not being consistent with journaling costing you?

One of the deepest regrets I have in life is that I am now vertiginously close to entering my 40s, and I have rather vague memories of what my previous decades were like.

I'd give many things to taste some of those memories back. But they are gone. My 18-year-old, my 25-year-old, not even my 31-year-old self had enough foresight to create this gift for me.

But right now, I am able to give this precious gift to my future-self.

Seriously commit to journaling


We like to call it "the foundational habit". In our humble opinion, if you don't have a space to set intentions and reflect on your actions, any other behavioral changes are doomed to fail.

Changing your diet? Your relationships? Your job? You can't do any of those without keeping track. It doesn't have to be here in Perspectiva, but we strongly encourage you to use journaling as a base for all your personal development and self-actualization projects.

There is a ton of research out there about how to form a successful habit. One framework that works great with Perspectiva's approach is the one that James Clear proposes on his book Atomic Habits:

Make it obvious: we use reminders where you're most likely to pay attention to them (your email and Telegram), and we set up those reminders to be as effective as possible. How? They learn about you (what kind of messages work better, what's the best time to remind you of your practice) and implement that learning in each new iteration.

Make it attractive: by leveraging the power of the community and getting you closer to people who already practice the habit, you'll be more likely to change your behavior.

Make it easy: when friction is low, habits are easy. And what's more frictionless than writing where you already spend your time? Yep, you guessed it: your email and your Telegram account.

Make it satisfying: the small details can make or break a habit. That's why we put so much care in giving you all the tools (Dark Mode, Lurkers Protection, Focus Mode, tags, pins, easy formatting...) to make your writing as pleasurable as possible.

We offer a $1 trial. Why $1? Because we want you to have skin in the game. If you're not ready to commit yet, that's fine. We'll be here. But once you enter, do so with a serious commitment to create positive changes in your life.

That's equivalent to someone refusing to use crutches because she can't walk without them.

Of course you don't use the free version! You have trouble sticking with a habit that you value, and that's precisely why we created Perspectiva. And hey, we get it. It's hard!

But, just as there's no need to hand-wash all your sheets when you have a washing machine, you don't need to waste valuable willpower trying to create a habit by yourself. Use the tools that we offer and make it easier, enjoyable and beneficial for years to come.

Your journal is yours. We can't stress this enough. Your journal is always encrypted using 256-bit, military-grade encryption. Only you have access to it.

Individual journal entries can be set to public if you'd like to share them with someone. You and only you control this.

Your journal will be packaged along with others and sold on the dark web. Perhaps even set on fire 🔥.

Hmm, wait.

We can't set digital things on fire.

Hmmm. Well, then nothing. Your journal will always be available to you on the free version.

Have more questions? We'd love to hear them!

Shoot us an email. We're simple people who love getting emails.

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Perspectiva PRO detects when your motivation is dwindling, it could be that you're not writing, or that you're writing less and less, or even that you're waiting for the last moment of the day to write an ever-shorter entry for the day.

Anyone can do what's right when they are riding that wave.

What separates the wheat from the chaff is those that can do it when life's super busy, when they are feeling down and when they've had the dullest day ever and can't possibly think of a single thing that stands out.