Make the most out of what you read and write

10x your learning by bringing your own lessons to Readwise

Readwise makes it dead simple to revisit and really learn from what you read.

With Perspectiva, now you can also learn from what you write.

Let's face it.

Reading is amazing; you get to learn from other people's experiences. The easiest way to learn from thousands of lives.

Yet, that's only one part of the story when it comes to becoming a life-long learner.

Writing is where the rare but most precious treasures are hidden.

It's certainly harder; it's rare to feel like writing for introspection, it's a slower method of learning since you have to run into an experience or thought instead of just picking it up from someone else's.

But learning from your writing is always relevant to your life.

Both paths are crucial to become a life-long learner.

That's why at Perspectiva we love reading and Readwise.

And that's why we wanted to get our own insights into Readwise—to have every important lesson for life in the same place.

Perspectiva is the journal app for growth-oriented people who struggle with journaling

It leverages everything science knows about habit building to make the critical skill of daily introspection finally stick.

Helping you unleash the elusive 1% daily growth in life you seek.

Experience what it feels like to be CONSISTENT with journaling or take our free email course: The simple rules to developing a sticky journaling habit

A community of like-minded people cheering (and sometimes bullying you) to succeed.
Makes journaling easier to do than to skip.
Smart Nudges are AI-powered reminders that actually work, instead of simply annoying you.
A highlighting system designed from for first principles with the goal of exctracting insights from your daily thoughts.

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