Structure for your journal

Free-form writing, where you just sit and journal about whatever is in your mind, is fantastic. Honestly, it's a powerful weapon.

But (isn't there's always a but?), Perspectiva is for (we hate to repeat ourselves again...) people who struggle with journaling. And, as such, we believe, providing some structure for your journaling can be widely benefitial.

Why? Well, structure takes some of the anxiety out of the blank-page syndrom, a well-known syndrom we just absuletely-didn't-just-make-up.

Tons of aha!-inducing templates

(aha!'s exclamation mark not included)

Becoming a Better Parent
by Marina D.

Improve your relationship with your kids, one journal entry at a time
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Stoic Journal
by Pablo F.

For when you seek inner peace, clarity, and effectiveness in our crazy world.
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Weekly review
by Pablo F.

A simple weekly review process to lock in your gains and find areas of improvements
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10 idea list
by Pablo F.

Become an idea machine, 10-daily-ideas at a time.
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Win the day
by Pablo F.

A quick practice to help you make the most out of your day
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Feeling creative?

If you're feeling adventurous, you can build your own template.

And, if you're feeling generous, you can even share your templates with others' to help spread your inspiration!