A useful Perspectiva journal

Stoic Journal

For when you seek inner peace, clarity, and effectiveness in our crazy world.

Despite his admitted struggles to get out of his warm, comfortable bed, Marcus Aurelius seems to have done his journaling first thing in the morning. From what we can gather, he would jot down notes about what he was likely to face in the day ahead. He talked about how frustrating people might be and how to forgive them, he talked about the temptations he would experience and how to resist them, he humbled himself by remembering how small we are in the grand scheme of things, and journaled on not letting the immense power he could wield that day corrupt him.
How could I implement today's lessons in the future?
What have I learned today?
A moment in which I was able to act instead of reacting.
What obstacles are coming up in my life right now? How could I turn them into growth and learning?
How would a more virtuous version of myself have approached a difficult event today?
What can I control in this time of my life. What is outside of my control?
Did you feel a moment of presence today?
What virtue did you work on today? How could you make it better tomorrow?
A moment where emotions took control and I was misaligned with my intentions. How can I prevent it from happening in the future?