A useful Perspectiva journal

Today is yours

A quick morning review to help you start the day present and with intention

Remember, what are you grateful for? Bring that with you in your day.
What will be the focus of your day? Try to place an intention to work towards throughout your day and keep track of it. Your day will feel more efficient when you get to bed.

What would I write today to my past self? And to my future self?
What's an image I'd like to remember today, and why? Maybe a picture os something I saw on the street.
What small thing are you thankful for that happened today?
How would my life have been if I had chosen a different career, spouse, or location?
Which people were important to me today? What's our story together?
A past event I'd like to revisit today, either to assign more meaning to it or to make it stronger in my memory.
Did you feel a moment of presence today?
What would this look like if it were easy?

It's easy to overthink and over-complicate things. Sometimes taking a step back and assuming there's an easy solution to what's challenging you can reveal a much better path you hadn't considered yet.

A detailed description of my favorite moment today (as if I could watch it on a movie).