A useful Perspectiva journal

Weekly review

A simple weekly review process to lock in your gains and find areas of improvements

Every Sunday, I set some time for myself to take a step back and look, in great level of detail, at everything that happened throughout the week and I ponder if I used my time and energy in accordance to my preferences and values.

This template gives me, and perhaps you, structure to analyze your week and set goals for the upcoming week.

Going through this process at some point on Sunday allows me to have a much more deliberate and enjoyable week, curbing out time to spend with my spouse, to dedicate to the projects I care about and to enjoy my time climbing.

One quick thing: the "theme" question is the very first thing on the template because I love having that as the thing I see consistently throughout the week, but it's actually the last thing I write. The theme might sound corny, but it's massively useful to have a one-or-two-word "mantra" that encapsulates what I want to focus on for the week.