The science of celebrating habits

You know how science is constantly contradicting itself, right?

Fat is bad! Don't eat it! You're going to die!

Carbs are bad! Don't eat them! You are going to die!

Protein produces cancer!, are you crazy eating that soy-burger?! You are going to die!

And, while we are at it, soy makes your testosterone drop off a cliff, along with your 😳 !

While scientists are busy arguing among themselves, we just look at what there's broad consensus when it comes to habit-building. After all, journaling is a type of habit (the master-habit!)

And you know where all those scientists agree?

A couple things:

  • Everything is bad for you and you are going to die.
  • Habit building is incredibly hard (that is: good habits; bad habits are incredibly easy to pick up)
  • To make good habits stick you need to do a few things right: one of the most important ones, reward your lizard brain when it does what it's supposed to do.

What it's supposed to do.

Well, in our case, it's clear. What it's supposed to do.

That's journaling.


How about reward?